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Graduate Studies in the Bay Area

 professional degrees bay area At Lincoln University, our mission is to provide a synthesis of innovative and traditional education that will lead to outstanding professional opportunities for American and International students. Our educational programs for undergraduate and graduate studies as well as certificate programs, are developed to provide entry to successful careers and tools for professional development. With degrees in business, diagnostic imaging and certificates in allied health fields, our students will be well prepared to enter the job market with the skills that meet the needs of the contemporary workplace.

Lincoln University is a community of learning located in the Bay Area. Our administration, faculty, and our students are all international in origin and in outlook.  Our curriculum is grounded in a program of general studies that is designed to encourage individual exploration of advanced studies in various professional degrees.

At Lincoln University, we conduct our programs with a conscious focus upon the needs of our students and the cross-cultural dimensions of learning. For more information about the graduate studies and international studies that we offer at Lincoln University, be sure to visit our website today!

 graduate studies bay area

Our professional degrees and options for graduate studies include the following:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science (MS) in International Business
  • Master of Science (MS) in Finance Management
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Diagnostic Imaging
We also have International studies available. Contact us or visit us in the Bay Are for more information.

mba degree bay area Since 1919, Lincoln University has always maintained an interracial and intercultural orientation. The geographical and historical influence of the San Francisco Bay Area has attracted students from many nations, especially the countries around the Pacific Rim. In recent years, students from more than forty countries have been enrolled at Lincoln University. Accordingly, the university has sought to provide an international setting for its students thus paving the way to an excellent International Studies program. Our students are encouraged to be intellectually curious in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of cultural differences and similarities, and serious in efforts to find solutions to the problems of the world today.

Offering an opportunity for graduate studies

Lincoln University offers post-secondary education opportunities and holds a policy of open admission for all qualified students. The MBA degree is a professional degree and is designed to develop broad managerial competence to enable graduates to cope with a wide variety of business situations appropriate to their diverse backgrounds. Our graduate studies program upholds a strong international focus.

 international studies bay area

For admission to our MBA degree program, you must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 (B-) or higher on a scale of 4.0. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is not required for the MBA program admission. Although no GMAT is required for our MBA program, prospective graduate students are encouraged to take the test either before admission or during the first year of graduate study.

We now offer professional degrees including an MS degree!

The Doctor of Business Administration at Lincoln University is an advanced professional and academic degree program that prepares students for teaching and research positions within universities and/or the pursuit of careers in management or consulting at senior levels. Program graduates are expected to disseminate their knowledge and the results of their research through teaching the future generation of business leaders and/or applying their intellectual abilities and skills directly by participating in the management of or consulting with business enterprises. Visit our site to see more detailed information about the DBA program requirements.

 doctor of business administration bay area

Discover the unique character of Lincoln University, where our excellent and rigorous curriculum, our outstanding faculty and our convenient facilities will provide you with all of the necessary components that you'll need to ensure a path to a successful future. No GMAT is required! Contact Lincoln University today to schedule a visit to our Bay Area location.

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Lincoln University offers the following Degrees:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science (MS) in International Business
  • Master of Science (MS) in Finance Management
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Diagnostic Imaging

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The Office of Student Services is dedicated to helping students grow and develop intellectually, culturally and socially by structuring the campus environment in ways that will give each student the opportunity and potential for personal growth. The Student Services Office provides information on housing, career counseling, job placement and part-time employment that will help each student make the most of the programs and assistance available from the University. References for professional counseling are provided for students experiencing personal difficulties. Academic counseling is available in cooperation with the Dean.




Student Services has a varied and complex set of responsibilities that contributes a special perspective about students, their experiences, and their campus environment. Student services address the programs and activities that support the academic enterprise. Student's experiences and opportunities are an integral part of the educational process, therefore, the quality of the University experience for students is significantly affected by the availability, variety and integrity of services and development activities provided by student services. Help us help you to make your experience here at Lincoln University a great one!





Student services offers a varieties of assistance to Lincoln Students: 


Counseling for Academic Problems

Academic counseling, including program planning and selection of courses leading to graduation, is handled by assigned faculty advisors and the Dean. In cooperation with the Dean and faculty advisors, Student Services Office provides counseling for students in academic difficulty. Students with excessive absences, low grades at midterm examinations or at the end of semester, and students indicating an intention to withdraw from the University are strongly advised to seek counseling. If a student needs additional tutor for a subject matter arrangement can be made. It is important to note that every effort is made to assist students in identifying and resolving areas of difficulty.

 Career Services

While Lincoln University makes no explicit or implied guarantee of job placement for graduates, it does provide career guidance. Each semester, the Director of Student Services conducts workshops on job search skills, including resume- writing and interviewing techniques.

By arriving at an early decision regarding career directions, students are able to make the most of their academic programs. Students get individual help in career exploration, advice and critiques on resumes, and help in determining job objective. Students also have an opportunity to practice their interview skills by participating in the mock interview seminars.

Both full-time and part-time job opportunities are posted on bulletin boards at the University. Also, employment information is available through the following websites: Job, and hotjobs. Job Journal is a very thorough website that provides resources on a wide variety of career topics which you will find useful. A limited number of students are able to take advantage of these job opportunities. The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) restricts work opportunities for international students. Full-time international students desiring work must comply with stringent DHS regulations. Students may receive consulting about the regulations from a designated school official or from the Director of Admissions and Records.
International students must submit Form I-538 and/or I-765 to the Records Office to obtain work authorizations prior to accepting any off-campus employment.

Students must also meet with the Director of Student Services prior to beginning credit-bearing internships involving off-campus employment.


 Student Government


The Lincoln University Student Association (LUSA) provides a forum for the free  Lincoln University Student Association exchange of ideas that is essential to the vitality of the academic environment to which students are exposed. This continued freedom of expression is not only vital to any democratic society, but also serves as a directive force in many university programs. The Lincoln University Student Association is composed of representatives of the various ethnic organizations on campus, as well as at-large members and officers elected by the student body every Fall Semester. The Lincoln University Student Association represents the students in matters of self-government and problems of mutual interest to the student body and the University. Its purpose is to initiate student activities and to help promote the student's welfare on the campus. The Student Association consists of a group of officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and a representative body (The Student Senate) who are elected every Fall Semester.

The Association, in cooperation with other organizations on campus, strives to develop and present varied activities that will meet the social, cultural and academic needs of the student. Whether held on or off campus or involving a large or small segment of the student body, they reflect the personal orientation of the University.


LUSA Organization and Student Services have collaborated together with students to renovate and improve the Student Lounge.



loungelounge 2lounge3lounge 4


Message from the LUSA President:


Dear Lincoln Knights,

Let me first thank the whole student body for putting their trust in me to handle a responsibility this great. I am greatly humbled and grateful to be serving Lincoln University and everything that comprises it and makes us one big family.

Lincoln University Student Association is an organization established for the entire student body involving students to be active academically and socially as well. It provides us students the leeway and the opportunity to present, develop and improve our talents, skills and interest. It is about being the voice of the students, giving you more ownership with the activities and events for you to attend. We have discussion boards to help you voice your opinions, ask questions, raise issues to help us and the whole University improve, so together we can move ahead and be united through our diversity.

On behalf of LUSA we thank the President of the University, Dr. Brodsky, the Director of Student Services, Annique, the department heads and staff, the faculty, the previous LUSA officers and the students for they will be guiding us so that we will have a fulfilling and fun 2013.

I wish you all the best in your pursuit for academic and professional success!



Ana Maria Gower


 Personal Counseling


On occasion, some students feel the stress of personal problems. Such stress can interfere with academic success. Student Services Office provides confidential, personalized help in referral assistance to professional counselors for students experiencing emotional difficulties. Students may also utilize the libraries resources on related materials. If you or a friend is experiencing personal difficulty please stop by the office.

Counseling Alternative:

Dont feel like speaking to an 'adult' speak to your peers at Spillnow. Extermely confidential and nothing is reported back to the school.

How it works:

1. A student 'spiller' submits an anonymous, private message about his problem via the site.
2. Student SPILL send the message to 8 to 12 trained student 'supporters" of similar background.
3. Student screeners check to see if there is immediate crisis and edit anything detrimental that might be in supporters' responses.
4. Supporters consult a handbook or ask student SPILL staff for help if needed. If they are not comfortable with the issue, they can opt out.
5. Within 24 hours, at least 5 supporters submit a personalized, encouraging message, including advice and referrals to at least 2 local resources per issue.
6. The spiller receives an e-mail with a private link to supporters' responses.
7. The case closes after 48 hrs. Then the system sends an automatic e-mail with local resources reinforcing the personal responses plus an optional survey.


Required International Student Health Insurance


Health insurance is a very important part of the international student's education in the United States, and therefore is required of all students who attend school at Lincoln University throughout the duration of their program of study. Without adequate health insurance, you will find that medical care in the United States is very expensive. You must enroll in the Lincoln University-endorsed policy or provide proof of adequate coverage before you can register for classes.

All international students are required to enroll in Study USA-HealthCare Insurance, which is endorsed by Lincoln University and provided by USI Travel Insurance Services. The health insurance premium rates start at $468 for 12 months, depending on the student's age. Coverage for a student's spouse and children is also available.

Enroll or renew today and view complete details at the Study USA-HealthCare Insurance website, or enroll with the Student Services Office. Tel: (510) 628-8034, Fax: (510) 628-8012,

Important:  Lincoln University requires purchase of at least one semester of insurance coverage at a time. Confirmation of your online purchase will be automatically sent to the email address of Student Services Office for verification. Students with health coverage provided by their home country, by a spouse's U.S.-based plan, or by a comparable U.S. insurance policy may waive participation in the L.U.-endorsed health plan by providing proof of coverage to the Student Services Office prior to registration.




Lincoln University does not have a dormitory for students. Many students share apartments with other students or live with their relatives or family friends. Rent for a shared apartment ranges from about $400 to $700 per person and per month, and for single housing from about $600 to $1,000 per month. Housing for a student with a spouse and children may cost more than $1,000 per month.

Student Services Office advises and helps students to find appropriate housing. The Director of Student Services posts notices of current rentals and refers students to various sources of temporary housing until students find suitable accommodations. Students find housing by checking the listings posted on bulletin boards at Lincoln University or by utilizing websites and rental agencies. Most related room sharing and roommate finder resources can be obtained from student services.



Student Activities and Tours

The Lincoln University Student Association and other organizations on campus are constantly striving to develop and present varied activities which will meet the student's social, cultural and academic needs. Lectures by recognized authorities are held at various times throughout the academic year and are sponsored by the student government. Student parties are given at selected times, especially during holiday periods and at the end of the terms. These activities also help highlight the attention of the University on its students' individuality.

Various on-campus organizations and academic departments conduct student tours for co-curricular enhancement. Tours include excursions to cultural, social, and educational institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. 





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